6 Benefits Of Corporate Game-Based Learning

6 Benefits Of Corporate Game-Based Learning

One of the fastest growing trends in corporate training is called game-based learning. Game-based learning is an innovative new teaching method which enables learners to build marketable skills and become much more adept at specific tasks using interactive technology. While similar to traditional video games in the design and execution of the game, game-based learning teaches learners the important skills they need to solve industry specific problems relevant to real life situations.

There are many benefits to corporate game-based learning including more motivated learners, improved skills development and many more. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits as well as some other important benefits of game-based learning.

6 Benefits Of Corporate Game-Based Learning

Increased Motivation And Engagement- game-based learning is more than just an innovative teaching method, it is actually a much more effective teaching method as well. The reason game-based learning is so effective at teaching learners new skills is that it keeps the learner motivated to learn because they are more engaged with the content. Traditional teaching methods can become boring and lack engagement. Game-based learning is interactive and that makes it more similar to real life situations where the learner will need to use the skills they are learning.

Immediate Feedback- instructors can get immediate feedback from the learners which enables them to determine the learner’s ability to continue, as well as providing useful data related to curriculum effectiveness. And learners receive instant results of their work which enables them to focus more on the areas they scored lower on.

Skills Development- game-based learning can help learners develop new skills that will enable them to perform their jobs much more effectively. They can develop and practice both physical and mental skills much faster as well.

Improved Cognitive Growth- game-based learning can improve learners’ cognitive growth including their strategic thinking skills, memory and their ability to problem solve. Learners are able to think more quickly and think creatively. Game-based learning results in higher retention rates compared to traditional learning methods.

Increased Digital Literacy- digital literacy is an important skill which can lead to a lifetime of technology use. As technology becomes a much larger part of our everyday life, employees need to understand how it works and become proficient at its use.

Enhanced Cooperation And Teamwork- game-based learning enhances both cooperation and teamwork skills simultaneously. This is especially important in team-based positions.

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