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Seo On A Budget: How Small Business Can Create An Effective Seo Strategy

Big brands are winning at SEO.

The above information is not new. We have heard the talks, we have read the blogs, and even the case studies are claiming the same.

Big brands have a team of experts that are work with dedication on fine-tuning the technology they use. They even have an agency for their next digital PR campaign, but most importantly, they have money. The money to invest in the PR campaign, marketing strategies, and even for the SEO.

And here you might think that what a small business with a small budget can do to give tough competition to these big brands? Well, in this blog you will find out the answer.

Money is mostly a common factor in the success of a brand, but not always. Sometimes having the right strategy and the right tools can benefit a small business just as much as the money-demanding SEO experts of a big brand.

However, building a good SEO strategy on a low budget requires prioritizing. If you are looking how you can prioritize and build an effective SEO strategy, we have put forward some important tips.

Identify Limits of your Budget

In the case of a small business building an SEO strategy, this is the most crucial step. A small budget means that you have to comprise in some areas. These areas include time, resources, knowledge, etc.

Regardless if you work in-house, book an agency, or hire a freelancer to build the SEO strategy you still need to have basic knowledge of the stuff yourself. Apart from knowing about the basics of SEO, you need to understand the need for resources.

Fill Gaps

Once you are aware of the fact that you have a small budget for SEO, the next thing you need to do is chose the alternative. For instance, since the coronavirus outbreak, many employees are working at home, and there is a high chance that your business must be running from home too. You can take this opportunity and instead of hiring an in house team for SEO you can get some amazing freelancers and pay them on an hourly basis. In this way you can get the right skills at affordable rates.

In case, you are not comfortable with freelancers and would rather work with an agency you can find some that work on a low cost and on an hourly basis or commission basis instead of a retainer fee.

Apart from this, you can also fill the gap by evaluating the performance of your employees and diversifying their job roles. By doing this, you can make your copywriter work with the SEO experts in your team to build an excellent SEO strategy.

Assess your Strengths

You might find feel like you are on the more futile side because of your lack of a budget, but there must better things that you are an expert in.

For instance, the team that you have built in your office can be good at digital PR. And by making sure you include those experts and their expertise in your plan, you can use your strengths to fight against your weaknesses.

Other than this, another way to utilize your strength is by knowing your worth in your local area. Your business might be well-known in your local area and with the help of this fame you can capitalize on your SEO strategy and build backlinks and even gain more genuine reviews.

Set Expectations

The key to a successful SEO strategy for a small business working on a budget is to set expectations. To make realistic expectations you need to get a baseline idea of the organic traffic that is going on your business website.

From this point, you can set a predictive model for the organization’s growth of your website.

By having the ability to see the realistic side of your website, you can work better on your SEO building structure and not indulge in false hopes.


An important factor involved in building a well-performing SEO strategy on a small budget are filling gaps, assessing strength, and keeping it real. And a secondary yet an important factor is having access to high-speed internet connection; you don’t want your customers to keep waiting while you deal with lags and downtimes. Hence, you need a reliable internet service such as Spectrum that not only offers high-speed internet but quality entertainment with Spectrum TV channel, and phone services as well.  You need to make sure that your company is fully equipped.