Why Is Amazon Convenient For Stockholders?

Hey guys, we know that Amazon is the best E-commerce performing company right now. An intending investor will look out for this factor and purchase the stocks of Amazon. In the initial days when Amazon was not named “Amazon”, stocks were not much of a bigger deal. In this case, the stock of Amazon was offered as Initial public offer (IPO) at the rate of $18 per share. This was not a huge deal, but at that time, Amazon was not a bigger deal too.

In 1997, only $10,000 was raised from outside investors through stocks at the time to Initial Public Offer. In 5 years, the cost of stock started rising at a great pace and recently in 2018, Amazon touched the Market stock rate of $1 Trillion. Stockholders are very happy with the performance of Amazon in recent years.

The level of convenience faced by Stockholders is very impressive and a factor to consider for Stockholders. In this article, we will take a look at what makes Amazon a stockholder friendly Company.

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Factors making Amazon a stockholder friendly company

Consistent Performance

  • If you check out the sales and earnings of Amazon in the last two decades, there’s a huge difference. From 2001-2010, Amazon was still trying to find its route and get to the track. This states that during the initial run, Amazon’s performance was not great. This was because of the competitors in the market and lack of Competitive ideas. In the last decade, Amazon wasted no time in making some necessary integral changes to get back on track.
  • Walmart was the biggest retail seller in the market, and the target was clear. You can see that Amazon’s daily stock market rates are on NASDAQ: AMZN at, which states an increase in the stock rates. Constant efforts made it possible to overcome the competition of Walmart and become the biggest e-commerce company ever. This performance has generated a sense of trust in the stock performance of Amazon, which has increased stock owners and becomes convenient for them.

Prime membership and other Projects.

  • One of the biggest reasons for Amazon touching the $1 trillion mark was because of its expansion plans. In recent years, Amazon prime has been taking its spot on OOT platform. In addition to that, streaming sales is also adding you to the Market stock rate of Amazon. Alexa is one of the popular products from Amazon.
  • In 2020, Amazon is the 2nd most profitable company for its investors after Apple. This mark is the prime reason for investors to get high returns and conveniently compared to other companies. This is also a major reason for convenience to Stockholders of Amazon.

If you want to know more information of Amazon stock, you can check AMZN stock news. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.