Qualities of the Best Websites in Singapore

Qualities of the Best Websites in Singapore

For any large company or small business, a good website is a must-have. It is the most effective marketing tool on the internet. Likewise, it can be a point of difference between you and your competitors. On the other hand, if you have a badly structured website, the bounce rate is likely to be high, which means most viewers will close your site immediately after opening it.

Quality of a Good Website 

  • Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the great qualities that is frequently overlooked. Most of the designers try to squeeze in fancy designs and include enormous amounts of information. However, this is both counterproductive and repelling. You should understand the primary purpose of the viewers is to obtain information that they are looking for. Unnecessary graphics and texts will make it difficult to find the required information. Simple designs with less number of elements make navigation quick and easy. Empty spaces between widgets and text are as important as the text itself. If you think this is too difficult for you and takes time, consult a company providing web design services.

  • Quick Response

Responsiveness is a make-or-break factor that will determine if the viewer stays on your page or signs off. In this age of the internet and social media, we have become addicted to obtaining information quickly. If your website responds slowly to the user’s action, the experience is highly unpleasant. Similarly, the load time of your website also has the same effect. If the load time is greater than 7 to 8 seconds, the users are likely to reject your page. Furthermore, search engines are likely to rank your websites up on their search results if their user experience is great. A good web design company can create and maintain fast responding websites which can be a good return on your investment.

  • High-Quality Content 

After the design and structure of the website are well thought out and well managed, it is time to turn your attention to the website content. Your content is what the viewer actually consumes in your website. Good content provides the most important information and ideas in the least number of sentences. Similarly, the words are simple and easier to understand for all types of viewers. Furthermore, search engines rate your content while ranking your websites in search results. Duplication and poor writing will lower the quality of your entire website. If you want to consult a web design company, ask them if they also provide search engine optimized content.

  • Mobile Support 

A good website provides the same pleasant experience when it is viewed from any kind of device. Since the use of mobile devices is on the rise, most of your viewers may come from this platform. As the screen size is smaller than desktops, your website should adjust automatically for mobile viewing. Modern website design tools like WordPress have mobile site optimization features. A good web design company can build you a website that is supported on all types of platforms.

  • Highly Secure

A good website ensures the security of all communications and exchanges that take place inside it. Modern web browsers are capable of determining the security status of a website. You might see a warning when you try to visit an unsecured website. Likewise, security is one of the crucial factors considered by search engines while ranking websites.


From this article, we have now learned the major qualities of the best websites and how these qualities ensure a pleasant user experience and safe browsing.

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