The 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Mauritius

The 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Mauritius

The 5 Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Mauritius

Cost of living in Mauritius

According to currently available statistics it is approximately 27% cheaper to live in Mauritius than it will be to live in the US. Likewise, renting property is about 70% lower than it will be in the US. The average price of a house is approximately US$177,375. The country has an excellent infrastructure as well as a thriving economy and therefore it is relatively easy to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. There is an excellent banking system in Mauritius as well as a well-established stock exchange. The lack of exchange controls makes the country the perfect base for overseas investments.

Petit Bel Air

This is a small village located approximately 2 km north of Mahebourg. This is in the south-eastern parts of Mauritius. This are only 1000 people living in this tiny village. Nevertheless, it is situated next to the coastal road connecting Flacq and Mahebourg. The village is at the mouth of the Riviere des Creoles river close to the Des Creoles mountain range. Houses can be bought for $ 75,736.


This village with its 2,058 residents is located in the region of Flacq. Port Louis which is the capital city of Mauritius is only 26 km from Mare La Chaux. Dining places in the area are Savinia Bistrot, Saffron grill, Mugg and Bean and Eighty-eight Chinese restaurant. Upcoming events include Christmas Eve by Shangri-La, New year’s eve white party and the Pure at lie Aux Cerfs event on the 2nd of January. Houses can be bought for $ 71,736.

Mare La Chaux

It is in Northern Mauritius where you will find the village of Mapou. This village is located in the Rivière du Rempart District. Administration of the village is the responsibility of the Mapou Village council which in turn answers to the Rivière du Rempart District Council. At the last count the population amounted to 1,275 but that is no longer accurate since those numbers are based on a 2011 census. Houses can be purchased for $ 43,474.


You will find Melrose in the Moka region. This is a village with 2000 residents. This is a popular village because it is only 18 km from the capital city Port Louis. It is a viable alternative to places such as Petit Paquet, Rose Bell, Saint Pierre, Souillac, Tamarin and Vacoas. This village is 313 m above sea level. Properties are available for $29,769.

Le Morne

It is mostly adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies who come to La Morne. Here they engage in deep-sea fishing, paragliding and kite surfing. La Morne is a tiny village which is located on the southwest side of Mauritius. One of the popular sights in the area is Le Morne Brabant Mountain which is a rather spectacular chunk of basaltic rock interspersed with caves which used to be the hiding place of fleeing slaves. There are several luxury resorts in the area and the beautiful beach is reckoned to be one of the best on Mauritius. The town can seem like paradise because of the gorgeous sunsets and the turquoise lagoon which is so popular among visitors and residents. Properties are available for $25, 769.