Outsource Content Writing: Pros & Cons Of Content Writers

Outsource Content Writing: Pros & Cons Of Content Writers

Thinking of setting up your own blog? How about an informational website? Planning to curate specialized content for your social media accounts? If you said yes in one of these, you’re probably thinking of doing outsource content writing.

Truth is, while most content websites on the internet hold its owner’s name even up to the title, most of them are run through doing outsource content writing. But of course, not just because many people outsource content writing services means that you should. 

This leaves us to the big question, should you outsource content writing services? Sure enough, the choice would still be from you. However, we would present to you the pros and cons of doing outsource content writing. And hopefully, at the end of this article, you could already decide if you want to outsource content writers!

The Pros Of Doing Outsource Content Writing

When we talk about the pros of outsourcing in general, one article wouldn’t be enough. But in this article, we will only focus on the benefits of getting outsource content writing services.

  • You have better chances of producing quality content if you outsource content writing services.

Before you have the wrong idea, we’re not saying that you can’t produce your own quality content. It’s just that we have to admit that some people are better at content writing than us. Sure enough, your innovative ideas, business schemes, and marketing skills are undebatable, but those three are really different compared to content writing. 

Some people have a way with words. It could be because of their wide vocabulary, grasp of the language, and creative mind, but some are gifted in content writing. They could sell products, encourage subscription, and boost your ranking just with a couple of articles or copies!

  • You could focus on other aspects of your website when you outsource content writing services.

Just like what we said a while ago, while content writing might not be your strongest suit, you could be teeming with innovative ideas, business schemes, and marketing skills! And you should focus on doing more of that instead of forcing yourself to learn content writing if you could easily outsource content writing services.

Not just because you outsource content mean that they will be heading the website for you. The best setup of successful content websites is this: they have a content owner that is highly experienced in all aspects of digital marketing, and he leads his team of content writers.

With his expertise and the talent of his content writers, they’re unstoppable! All that he really had to do was to put his faith in doing outsource content writing.

  • You won’t have a hard time to do outsource content writing services with all these outsource content writing websites.

This isn’t really a benefit, but more of a truth that needs to be said. If you’re indecisive about whether to do outsource content writing services or not because of the thought that it would be a challenging task, then you’re wrong! There are lots of outsource content writing websites where you can outsource content writers!

Upwork and Fiverr might be the most popular websites where you can outsource content writers. The said two offer general freelancing services, but if you really want websites that only focus on doing outsource content writing services, you can check out Text Royal, Scripted, and Crowd Content. 

Aside from these websites, the field of outsourcing in the Philippines is already progressing these days. If you want to check talented writers from Asia, you can check out websites such as Online Jobs PH and Content Writers PH.

The world is really filled with talented content writers that can only boost your business if you decide to outsource content writing services!

The Cons Of Doing Outsource Content Writing

While doing outsource content writing services surely have various benefits; this choice isn’t perfect. There are also some downsides of doing outsource content writing, which you should also know.

  • Doing outsource content writing services would require an extra budget from your startup.

It’s not that getting content writers are that expensive, but sure enough, you could save lots of bucks when you opted to write your own content. As of this writing, the minimum rate of content writers is at $20 per 1000-word article. Of course, your website won’t survive with just one article a week, so you would be spending approximately $40 every week when you get one content writer.

If you know that you can write on your own, being hands-on to your website surely won’t hurt!

  • You and you’re business is vulnerable to scam when you outsource content writing services.

Scams in doing outsource content writing aren’t of literal theft or fraud compared to outsourcing accounting, bookkeeping, and marketing services. These scams are more on the production of low-quality articles despite the rate agreed, late submission of writeups, and missing submissions despite completed payment. 

But this is easily solvable. Just make sure that you outsource content writers only from legitimate outsourcing and freelancing websites!

Have you decided now? You should! Don’t delay the launch of your content website!