Milesweb Magento Hosting : Best For Your Ecommerce Store In 2020.

Milesweb Magento Hosting : Best For Your Ecommerce Store In 2020.

Magento is a powerful ecommerce tool that is growing tremendously in the web hosting industry. Magento is one of the best and open source platforms and it uses PHP and MySQL databases. Magento provides good all round flexibility through its standard design and which is much scalable and has a wide selection of management choices which is appreciated by the users. Magento is extremely powerful and more intuitive once it involves offering with Magento, you’ll be able to simply create the products catalogues and manage it. With Magento you can permit your clients with the option to create user accounts, also you can create tracking of shopping history, contacting you with the help of custom forms and much more.

In Magento, you’ll be able to select different languages and currencies, to suit the requirements of your clients. It is basically Php based CMS (Content Management System). It is usually utilized in Linux hosting only because it requires php coding. Most of the online shopping websites use this application to build their online presence through web site. Magento requires high level of RAM, Bandwidth, and HardDisk to perform so I highly recommend you to buy VPS.


There are many hosting companies available in the market that are offering Magento hosting but based on my personal experience I would like to suggest you go for MilesWeb .They offer the best
managed magento hosting for e-commerce customers. MilesWeb Magento hosting comes with numerous of products and services so the clients will be able to run refined and scalable Magento eCommerce Store. With MilesWeb Magento hosting services you can deploy the Magento online Store and it will help you to move securely, swiftly, and save prices on your investments.

Magento provides high flexibility and control over the design, content, presentation, and functionality of an E-commerce website.

Short Information About MilesWeb Host

MilesWeb is a one of the trustworthy web hosting company that provides various hosting services such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated hosting and Magento hosting at an affordable price. To experience the superior Ecommerce hosting than MilesWeb provides LiteMage and LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteMage is known for its high-performance solution to manage high loads and sudden traffic spikes.

Benefits of using LiteSpeed + LiteMage:

  • Magento Specific Caching
  • Static + Dynamic Caching
  • Low CPU and Memory Needs
  • Native Site Crawling
  • Quick Page Loads
  • Native SSL Support

Features that you get from MilesWeb.


Magento performance is enhanced by Redis as an in-memory backend and session cache. Also, it accelerates the Magento backend plays an important role in add to cart and checkout features.


Magento provides ensures powerful and extensive features that make it resource intensive. MilesWeb servers are optimized to ensure that your site functions smoothly and efficiently.


After purchasing the hosting plan of magento, you don’t have to pay anything additional for Magento . It is completely free to install and can be installed as many times as you want. The Magento is installed free with your selected hosting plan.


All Magento plans from MilesWeb come with CloudFlare’s CDN and Railgun. They have proper uptime and faster loading speed so that your Magento store loads faster for your customers present across the globe.


Handling such a huge online store can get hectic sometimes, and if the site starts showing defects then it can put you in some kind of problems. Thus, to save you from any possible miss-happenings, MilesWeb’s expert team helps you time to time to get your eCommerce business grow. They take the responsibility of upgrading and provide suggestions on plugins which are required for your site.

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MilesWeb makes sure that you don’t get lost during your hosting journey and thus they provide:

1) 24/7/365 SUPPORT:

Get in touch with them anytime you can initiative live chat with their expert team which are there for you 24×7.

2) 99.95% UPTIME:

To ensure that your ecommerce store is always working for customers, the Magento site hosted with MilesWeb ensures you excellent Uptime towards clients which makes them to stay connected with MilesWeb host.

Conclusion –

Magento hosting provider that caters you will all the significant features required for your ecommerce website at affordable prices you get with MilesWeb. Also, you can relay and you can be assured about the performance and speed due to LiteSpeed and LiteMage that works great for your Ecommerce site.