How Digital Mail Dominates

How Digital Mail Dominates

Digital mail with Eco-Mail dramatically reduces the handling of the mail. Physical mail is processed at a mail center, then scanned and sent electronically to the recipient. Physical mail is then safely and securely stored away from your business.

Designed with the ever-changing business model in mind, you get a solid establishment when teaming up with Eco-Mail. Our digitized mail process can handle your business’s flow with the flexibility to be right by your side the entire time.

Quicker Response Time

In a digital and mobile-driven age, customers judge your business on receiving fast service. A quick and efficient response reflects well on your entire brand. With digital mail, the response time to your customers is in hours rather than days. In a fast-paced work environment, quick response times make a huge difference when it comes to efficiency and service.

Cutting Costs

At an enterprise scale, a massive physical mail load and the associated costs of labor, storage, and sorting are a significant resource drain on businesses.  With a digital mail, documents are scanned, resulting in a savings of $1 or more per piece of mail. An entire department of employees is no longer necessary, allowing them to serve elsewhere, cutting even more costs, saving you more money.


Auditable And Trackable

Paper mail can get lost, mishandled, buried in the wrong pile, delivered to the incorrect address, become available to a person who is not authorized to see it or get stolen. The risk is reduced when using a trusted digital mail process. Transactions on paper are, intrinsically, an accident waiting to happen. Digital communication, by contrast, is 100% auditable and trackable.


The software that runs a digital mailroom quickly and accurately detects, organizes, and routes mail without human handling. This type of software was developed long before the recent pandemic. However, amid this ever-changing crisis, it is imperative to have a solution in place to help prevent the spread of germs.

Eco-Mail Corporate Mail Solution

Eco-Mail is a digital mail solution that brings cost-saving solutions to businesses around the globe. Making a change as simple as digitizing your inbound mail can bring the change needed to cut costs and save time. Eco-Mail has the right answer for any business when it comes to modern-day technology and digital mail software solutions. As technology continues to evolve and grow, so does every company that depends on it. Join a dynamic team that fights hard to stay fluid and secure through constant changes that present themselves daily. Contact us today for more information and to request a free demo. See for yourself how great the benefits are to using a digital mail process with Eco-Mail.