How And When To Use Sharepoint? Beginner’s Guide

How And When To Use Sharepoint? Beginner’s Guide

SharePoint is the intranet portal that drives business communication and collaboration, bringing tangible results to organizational productivity. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers and what features are important in 2021, when and how to use Sharepoint.

Sharepoint, Why Use It, And For Whom?

This is a digital era where modern workplace and employees demand the latest collaboration features and have high expectations from the modern tech gadgets. SharePoint responds to this demand by offering improved team and site pages while making it easier than ever to message and share information with teammates. Thousands of intranets and web portals are created using Sharepoint.

Thousands of enterprise document management sites are created with Sharepoint. In this part, the answers to the most frequently asked questions about SharePoint to better understand the advantages of using Sharepoint and its many iterations are provided so you can decide if it’s right for your business and understand why Sharepoint is one of Microsoft’s most successful products. So you can expect to get an answer to seldom-addressed SharePoint usage questions.

What IS Sharepoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform and browser-based content management system designed to help businesses build websites. Developed by Microsoft, SharePoint can be used as a secure collaborative space or corporate information portal where files and documents are stored, organized and shared. This shared information amongst the company teams can be accessed through any device such as smart phone, tablets, laptops using any web browser. Companies can configure this mobility tool to manage an intranet portal, an extranet and various websites. Sharepoint makes it possible to create a real communication space while adding sharing, access rights, groups, etc. This solution is currently used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide.

The Benefit Of Using Sharepoint

Here are some of the benefits your organization can derive from using SharePoint:

Document management and sharing: You can manage document access and sharing, allowing viewing and editing only by the users you have selected, internal or external to your company. All work will always be perfectly synchronized with other users. The document management system is also very simple. You can edit your file directly from your browser using Microsoft Online apps.

Integrated with Microsoft 365: SharePoint is a collaboration service that can be used as a SaaS service as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription. It is the main application of the suite. Management and collaboration features are seamlessly interconnected with all other Microsoft tools to ensure a natural flow of communication.

How To Use Sharepoint?

Using, installing, managing, and troubleshooting SharePoint requires specialized skills. One solution for businesses is to outsource SharePoint hosting for system administration, reconfiguration, or troubleshooting. For independent training, you can use the materials and tutorials on the Microsoft website.

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There are also Microsoft SharePoint developer training, exams, and certifications. IT professionals can schedule a training course by selecting SharePoint from the “Learning & Training” section of Training courses such as the basics of Office 365 administration or Microsoft Office SharePoint are available for download in the “Support” section of Video tutorials show you how to customize a public website, post to News Feed, and complete tasks in the Document Library.

 When To Use Sharepoint?

Here are some of the key features to consider when deciding when to consider using Sharepoint for your new intranet:

Organize: in groups or alone, SharePoint allows you to organize information, people and projects.

Identify: Easily find answers, get insights, and get expert support.

Manage: stay in touch with your colleagues, share ideas and reinvent the way you collaborate in the company.

Developing: Thanks to Microsoft SharePoint and its integrations, each company can customize its website to use all its features.

Why Is Sharepoint The Reference Collaborative Platform In Companies?

SharePoint is not a social media platform, but it has features that allow you to stay connected and get to know your employees better. You can create your person profiles to the company intranet. You can see your colleagues’ interests, their responsibilities, and whom they work with. The collaborative platform provides multiple tools to encourage communication. An example of this is Yammer, the enterprise social network par excellence, and Microsoft Teams for organizing business meetings and chats. The range of possibilities available to you is immense!

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