Cinema Experience In Home: No Longer A Dream With Xgimi 4k Smart Portable Projectors

Cinema Experience In Home: No Longer A Dream With Xgimi 4k Smart Portable Projectors

Movies are so much better when watched on a big screen. A portable 4K projector from Xgimi combines the convenience of a phone with the big screen appeal of a theater in performance. With the enhancement in quality of projectors, ease to use and optimized price, Xgimi smart portable home projectors stand out in every competition with its rivals with greater advantages. With so many restrictions adapted with variants of Covid-19, people in today’s world need a smart projector. Let us look how a smart projector can bring a cinema experience at home no matter how long commercial theaters remain closed.

Use An Appropriate Projector:

Projectors are ideal to create a commercial theater experience with really big screen sizes. With the evolution of many smart 4k projectors in the market, it is important to choose an appropriate projector from Xgimi for theater experience. Some examples include: XGIMI Aura 4K laser projector; XGIMI Horizon Pro cinematic 4K projector; Xgimi MoGo Pro and so on. Celebrated by the innovations of technologies Ultra Short Throw lens, in-built android TV, adjustable screen angles makes Xgimi brand projectors to stand out in cinema experience compared to other home projectors from different brands.

Amazing Picture Quality & Sound Effects:

Talking about the picture quality, the theaters are designed for a big screen experience which is now available in Xgimi 4K smart portable projectors to produce sharp images and above 150 inches of display screen, with LED output, with numerous ANSI lumens and more than 3D dimensional compatibility. To feel the rumbling explosion sounds or to feel the low sounds in theaters which are embraced by Dolby Atmos, an immersive music experience to add clarity and depth in sound. To experience the theater sounds, Xgimi 4K smart portable projectors feature either Harman/Kardon or Dolby Atmos. Well, some of the Xgimi features a built-in android TV with streaming options like Apple TV, Netflix, and Disney+, meaning you will always access the contents at your fingertips.

Input Lag:

In a gaming projector input lag is measured as the total time taken between sending an electrical signal from controller/keyboard and the occurrence of a corresponding action on the screen. A good gaming projector should complete this action under 40ms.

Refresh Rate:

Refresh rate is counted on the number of frames per second to draw a new image. PS5 and Xbox x are some of the advanced gaming consoles which have preset refresh rate for the gaming projectors. A modern gaming projector is expected to have a minimum refresh rate of 60Hz.

With these two above specifications, there are other factors such as brightness, throw distance, and resolution which are important for a gaming projector.

Now, let us check out the best gaming projectors from XGIMI,

Enjoy The Digital Experience:

With minimal set-up, ultimate picture quality and digital as well as analog sound outputs, seamless portability and ease to use features, Xgimi 4K smart portable projectors are designed to satisfy masses of your family and friends at home. With streamlined services available in portable projectors change the way you watch your movie, as some digital movies can be accessed even before they get released physically in theaters.

1. XGiMi Horizon Pro:

XGiMi Horizon Pro is one of the best 4k portable gaming projectors available on the market. Featuring an Android TV Operating system, the projector can support more than 5000 Android apps which one can directly download from Google Play Store. The built-in Chromecast feature can support both Apple and Android devices to cast any content. One can enjoy a 30 to 300-inch screen display from 2.59ft to 25.9ft with an automatically adjustable screen. With native 3840×2160 resolution, this mini projector accepts 4096×2160 resolution contents. Horizon pro provides realistic images in all environments by supporting HDR10 and HLG. The Horizon Pro adopts an advanced technology for gaming called MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) which prevents image fluttering and tailing. Therefore, you can go for XGiMi Horizon Pro for sharp and clean with more realistic colors.

Xgimi Elfin Portable Projector:


Xgimi Elfin Portable Projector is one of the smallest gaming projector which can be carried easily everywhere. With built-in Chromecast and Bluetooth speaker, Elfin has the ability to automatically focus and correct the keystone position by avoiding obstacles on the projected surface like photo frames or light switches. Elfin is pretty fast to setup backed by an exemplary 30,000 hours of lamp life. One can get an image of 120 inches (3 meters) across from just 10.5 foot (3.2 meters) away with Elfin with 60Hz refresh rate.

3. XGIMI Halo:


Looking out the gaming experience in Halo, it is another smart Android device that boots up fast with a good screen size. With native resolution of 1080p and 800 ANSI Lumens brightness, Halo has a refresh rate of 60HZ. This supremely portable projector has an immense lamp life of 30,000 hours.

Concluding Note:

Lifestyle projectors continue to see innovations and improvements day by day and Xgimi brand’s 4k smart portable projectors are one among them. The smart portable projectors from Xgimi can be carried from one spot to another like living room, bedroom or even use them in backyards  and boot them in seconds for high image quality when compared with other brands portable projectors. If you are looking out to give a try on home theater with portable projectors, consider buying any of the 4k smart portable projectors from XGIMI. Get ready for the biggest viewing experience with your family & friends and cozy up for other entertainment too!