Checklist On Purchasing A Kids Wheelchair

Checklist On Purchasing A Kids Wheelchair

When purchasing any item for a teenager, it is clear that their needs differ significantly from those of adults.  Buying a wheelchair for a child is no different. Children put more emphasize on aesthetics and activities that are important to them. Therefore, their choices in wheelchair may be different from yours.

What To Take Into Consideration When Buying A Kids Wheelchair

The health condition of the child

Is there anything in particular you need to take into consideration in terms of the child’s health? Do you need to consider things like reclining, the sitting angle, tissue viability, or portable oxygen transportation?

What kind of physical assistance does the child require?

Is it necessary, for example, to consider extra positional support through strapping, self-, or attendant-propelled electrical control management?

How engaging is the child and in what areas?

Is the kid, for example, inactive during activity, or does the kid actively engage in functional or recreational activities?

What do you think is essential to the child?

Knowing the important activities that your child feels important and comfortable at is crucial. This helps in knowing which wheelchair to buy that will assist the child in fulfilling those activities.

What Should I Think About In Terms Of The Environment?

Where will the child’s wheelchair be used?

Understanding the weather affects the nature of the wheelchair in need. For example, what rain shields are needed, what tyres are required, and how much space is available to enable self and safe mobility.

How will you carry the wheelchair?

If transportation is by vehicle, examine whether the wheelchair is foldable for easier access. Also, examine if it can be disassembled and rebuilt easily with or without the assistance of a second caregiver, as in the case of electric wheelchairs.

Basic Tips

  • If you’ll be moving the wheelchair around the house, a lightweight model is the best choice.
  • If the child needs assistance with movement and handling, select one with removable parts so you can reach as near as possible, minimizing the promotion of poor posture when handling.
  • Consider which kind of child wheelchair is ideal for schools or any other event in which the child participates.
  • Do you want to buy a child’s wheelchair at their current size and then upgrade later, or do you want to buy one that develops with the child? Many wheelchairs now can develop with the kid. If it is an electric wheelchair, it comes with the ability to become more powerful as the child grows bigger and older and more capable of controlling the wheelchair with more efficiency.
  • Consider the child’s comfort, therefore choose the most appropriate cushions. Consider whether they are thick and strong enough to support the child comfortably for a long period. Ensure that the wheelchair is of the correct size and that it has footrests. This is to ensure that it supports the child’s sitting position.
  • Because the child is likely to value aesthetics, choose a children’s wheelchair that they enjoy. There’s no need to limit yourself to a specific color. Consider the child’s favorite color.
  • Parents and caregivers must consider ways of transporting the wheelchair. A child’s wheelchair will not fold like an adult chair, so double-check your vehicle space.

Being in a wheelchair should no longer limit their opportunities or the ability to participate in activities that they find meaningful and important. Considering all of the above making the best decision will allow the child to participate in meaningful activities while preserving basic functioning requirements safely.

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