4 Benefits of Using a UV Disinfection System Over Standard Methods

4 Benefits of Using a UV Disinfection System Over Standard Methods

Cleaning is deceptively easy. You spray a surface with a disinfectant, wipe it away, and move on to the next task. But what if you learned this only spreads germs? Even the most rigorous cleaning with bleach, hot water, and spray cleansers can miss harmful bacteria, increasing the risk of your employees and customers falling sick. The alternative to this scenario is a UV disinfection system like the ElectroClave.

1. Extremely Effective

Routine sanitization can leave behind bacteria invisible to the eye – even if you follow up with bleach. The ElectroClave goes well beyond traditional but often ineffective cleansing methods to quickly eliminate germs and bacteria. With its system of safe UV lighting, the ElectroClave:

  • Prevents cross-contamination hazards
  • Destroys mold and spores
  • Reduces the presence of microorganisms
  • Sanitizes high-touch devices

This system kills 99.9% of CRE, MRSA, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus on hard, nonporous surfaces. By exposing items to 360 degrees of UV light, the ElectroClave reduces the time and effort required to properly disinfect items in hospitals, restaurants, and other high-traffic venues. In turn, employees can get back to doing what they do best: serving customers and/or patients.

2. Adaptable and Customizable

The ElectroClave contains multiple dust-free bays that can fit a variety of items. From handheld electronics and mobile devices to personal and common-touch items, the bays are adaptable to easily sanitize some of the most difficult – and most frequently used – equipment.

In addition, cleaning cycles can be customized by department, user, or device to ensure compliance with appropriate sanitization standards. This provides an added layer of safety by ensuring all touchpoints are properly cleansed. Customized cycles also facilitate more seamless workflows within busy organizations.

3. Easy to Use

Working with UV light is incredibly simple – and powerful. NFC employee badges are used to open the ElectroClave, thereby reducing touch points and maintaining a hands-free unit. The item is then placed on a tray and the unit closed. Again, cleansing cycles can be optimized to meet workflow needs. The sanitizing power of UV light goes to work immediately without damaging the functionality or composition of your equipment.

UV water disinfection

Thanks to cloud-based UHF RFID tracking, the ElectroClave allows you to quickly manage the cleansing process. The accompanying app can be downloaded and synced to multiple devices, allowing you to receive customizable alerts via SMS and text. This means you can continue with your day while the ElectroClave works in the background.

4. Highly Intuitive

This system is equipped with important features, like 10 smart-charging USB ports, wall and desktop mounts, and secure access. Users throughout the organization receive disinfection status alerts when the ElectroClave is in use, and cleansing can be easily tracked and scheduled. In other words, this system communicates effectively with all users to promote sanitization awareness.

Retail stores, hotels, healthcare providers, and many other industries are now tasked with maintaining the cleanest and safest environment possible. Let the ElectroClave do some of the heavy lifting for you. Its UV light disinfection can save you time and effort, reduce expenses, and help protect your guests or patients. Learn more about this system today by contacting Seal Shield.