Why is Cloud Hosting the Best for Site Speed and Security?

Why is Cloud Hosting the Best for Site Speed and Security?

When you start looking for web hosting in India, Cloud Hosting is one hosting type that will catch your eye. With a range of advantages offered over traditional hosting types, Cloud Hosting has evolved as a preferred option by many site owners. Despite several myths and misconceptions surrounding these services, Cloud Hosting providers have been offering some efficient plans to websites and helping them establish and grow their business.

Today, we will talk about Cloud Hosting and look at the reasons why it is the best option for site speed and security.

Cloud Hosting and Site Speed

The speed of the website is an important aspect since it determines user experience, brand image, and helps boost its SEO rankings. Since a website resides on the web server, the performance of the server plays a huge role in the performance of the website. This makes the choice of hosting service an important decision for the site owner.

In Cloud Hosting, your website data is hosted across multiple servers. This architecture ensures that there is zero latency since one server crashing does not bring your server down or impact its speed as another server immediately steps-in to bring you the site data. Further, most Cloud Hosting providers use a redundant storage system that is fault-tolerant and highly reliable that boosts the speed of the website. Further, if the web host is using caching servers like Varnish Cache, you can see your site speed improve by up to 1000x!

Cloud Hosting and Site Security

In today’s times, website security is the topmost priority for most site owners. If a site is prone to regular security issues, then it can experience high abandon rates and lose brand image and SEO ranking. The web server plays an important role in ensuring the security of the site.

In Cloud Hosting, you can be assured that the latest antivirus and antimalware tools are being used to keep your site secure. Further, most Cloud Hosting providers configure a firewall to keep Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks at bay. A unique feature of Cloud Hosting – data mirroring, ensures that at any time, multiple versions of your site are available. This adds a safety net and increases the redundancy of data. If you opt for fully Managed Cloud Hosting services, then a team of technical experts ensures that your site is scanned regularly for vulnerabilities and loopholes and addresses them before they are exploited.

Lastly, most Cloud Hosting providers offer automated backups every day. This ensures that you have the latest working copy of your site available at all times. Hence, even if a virus or malicious code gets through your defences, you can offer uninterrupted services to your customers. Hence, Cloud Hosting is one of the most secure hosting services.

Summing Up

By virtue of its architecture, Cloud Hosting has the potential to offer the most secure and fast web hosting services to websites. However, not all Cloud Hosting plans are the same. Therefore, it is important to research the hosting company and choose the right one. Good Luck!