Why Digital Mail is in Demand

Why Digital Mail is in Demand

The way that companies handle mail has largely been untouched over the decades. There have been a few major changes in the way mail is handled and sorted by the post office and other entities that handle mail, but not a whole lot of innovation has gotten down to the business level. That is, until recently. Digital mail is the result of hundreds of years of technological innovation and is the answer to the question “how do I make my mail process run more smoothly.” There are a lot of reasons why so many businesses are switching and why this entire industry is poised to become the new norm in the business world in just a few years.

The Added Levels of Security Provided by Digital Mail.

Digital mail provides a whole new secure way to ensure that only the people that should have access to specific mail pieces have access to them. Many digital mail companies utilize heavy end-to-end encryption. It’s hard to say exactly how strong the encryption many of these companies use is, but even just at 128-bit encryption it would take a hacker about 500 billion years to crack using the technology we have now.

The biggest threat to that kind of encryption is quantum computing but that likely won’t be widely available for a decade, and by then security experts will likely have tackled the issue of keeping things secure when quantum computing becomes accessible to the world. In fact, as we speak there are top computer scientists looking into how to solve this issue before it becomes one.

The way that mail is handled now it’s secure for the same reasons that it’s insecure. Whoever has possession of a mailpiece has access to it and can decide who else has access to it. Ideally, that would be the employee that’s supposed to have it. But mail gets lost and delivered to the wrong address sometimes and that could mean someone outside of your company has access to sensitive documents.

The Cost-Saving Features of Using a Digital Mail Service.

Using a digital mail service can also save you a good deal of money. These services will allow you to not only skip past the mail sorting step of receiving mail but cut back on physical storage and document destruction.

If your company gets a lot of mail then you know exactly how quickly those costs add up. A ton of mail costs a lot to store or to destroy, and in a lot of cases, you have to do one or the other, especially if you get a lot of correspondence that has to do with company secrets.

A digital mail service allows you to store all of the files on a computer. At this point in time, they make flash drives that can hold a terabyte of information. That’s the equivalent of an estimated 85,899,345 pages of word documents that can be stored on a single flash drive. The physical storage space required for that many paper documents would be astounding while also being a lot more difficult to sort through quickly.

Is a Digital Mail Room Service Right for Your Company?

Digital mailroom services help every company that they come into contact with for a whole host of reasons. Companies that adopt a digital mailroom see efficiency rise throughout their entire company and, at times, see their profits rise simply because their reaction time has decreased allowing them to pounce on propositions much more quickly than competitors. It will be interesting to see how digital mailrooms evolve overtime as the technology available continues to improve.