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The Role Of SAFe Release Train Engineers

SAFe Release Train Engineers are important aspects of any SAFe framework and have specialised roles as part of the Solution Train. SAFe Release Train Engineers, or RTEs are essentially servant leaders who have transitioned from their original roles as managers and directors. They have adopted a Lean-Agile mindset and focus primarily on providing the necessary needed for the teams, ARTs, and Solution Trains, ensuring that they are self-organising and self-managing.

Typically, those chosen for the role of SAFe Release Train Engineer have excellent communication and organisation skills and are able to create an environment of mutual influence while encouraging and supporting the personal development of each individual within their organisation or team. The role takes on more than a day to day presence and it focused on the long term sustainability and success of a project.

With that being said, the role of a SAFe Release Train Engineer is very involved and critical to the success of the project and the organisation as a whole.

The Role Of SAFe Release Train Engineers

Now that we understand the role of a SAFe Release Train Engineer, what are their specific responsibilities of an RTE? The following is an excerpt from the SAFe guidelines which illustrate the role of a SAFe Release Train Engineer:

As you can see, the role of a SAFe Release Train Engineer is very detailed and transparent. This makes them much more effective and enables them to manage their team and the project more efficiently as well.

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