Imagine you are just employed by a new publishing house in New York City about to make it first publication. After weeks of hard labor, just when you are about to start printing, you lose all your data because of a little glitch. Imagine how long it will take you to recreate all those articles, advertisements, and photos to meet your deadline. It could be hell. Well, thanks to data recovery, there will be no need for panic because within a day, everything could be as they were.

Before such major setback comes your way, it is important to be prepared so you spend less or no time. This includes crucial information like who are the best experts in data recovery and how much will it cost for the service in your city. In New York some of the best data recovery service providers include Data Recovery Experts, New York computer help, D & Q computer, Hylan Computer Repair, Proven Data Recovery, Mo the Tech Guy, Comptech nyc, Secure Data Recovery Services, Data Recovery 47 and Hi-Tech Electronic Center.

Every data recovery case is unique. Before a price is determined, most service providers require the drive be evaluated at their lab. It is very difficult to fix a cost estimate without first evaluating the drive. Most often than not, be skeptical of anybody who gives an unreasonable fee, either too low or too high.

After determining the complexity of the issue, a flat rate price quote is usually issued. If you agree on the fee, the data recovery process starts immediately. Below are the different levels that the data recovery costs may fall into according to Data Recovery Service NYC.

LEVEL 1 – Recovery Cost in NYC

This is the most common of all data recovery levels. Most often, this service is required if the hard drive fails to boot up or becomes corrupt usually because of a virus. The cost is normally the lowest since it doesn’t necessarily require much diagnosis. 75% of the data recovery cost at level 1: $95-$225.

LEVEL 2 – Recovery Cost in NYC

This level of data recovery is more complex than LEVEL 1. Usually referred to as a logical disk error, it involves rebuilding the logical portion of the hard drive in a lab. It also involves a combination of corrupted data and other issues. Use of a lab is sometimes necessary in level2 cases, hence the higher price quote. 75% of the data recovery cost at level 2: $150-$550.

LEVEL 3 – Recovery Cost in NYC

Any mechanical failure of the hard drive falls in this level. It is mostly caused by severe damage such as water, electrical surges, or fires. Even though there is extensive damage to the drive, there is still a high hope that the data can still be recovered. Given the nature and complexity of this service, it is more expensive 75% of the data recovery cost at level 3: $750-$1,700.

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