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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Image Lightbox

Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve Image Lightbox

A lightbox plugin in WordPress provides a plethora of benefits to the users. It enables the users to open images in a box over their current webpage. So, they are not redirected to another website. The image opens in a popup (lightbox) over the page while the underlying website is obscured in layman’s terms. 

The FooBox is an image lightbox plugin, developed by FooPlugins, an excellent tool for any WordPress user. The free version has a spectacular layout with a responsive design, and it provides support for adding captions and swipe navigation on smartphones. On top of that, it requires no configurations. Meanwhile, the pro version contains all the benefits of the free version and provides additional benefits that significantly improve your lightbox experience.

Here are 7 awesome techniques that would help improve the quality of your lightbox plugin in WordPress.

Choosing and Customising the Perfect Theme

People like to provide their personal touch while designing their websites. Therefore, they are likely to customise the themes of their lightbox. For instance, FooBox Pro provides three themes: rounded, metro, and flat. Moreover, you can select the colour of your lightbox and its border from the colour scheme to give it a personalised touch.

Google Analytics Tracking

All webmasters love to know the response their webpage is receiving. Thus, they may like to keep track of such records. FooBox Pro comes with Google Analytics. So, it quickly lets you know whether visitors opened the images on your website. It also adds to the total page views count.Furthermore, if you have deep link page views enabled, Google Analytics will record the FooBox deep link URL to allow you to monitor which images were shown in the lightbox. It also has event tracking support, which records specific events and reports to Google Analytic

If you prefer that, you can enable it instead of pageviews. In addition, social tracking support allows you to keep track of all the social shares as events on Google Analytics. It enables you to manage your sharing settings too.

Integration with Fotomoto

It is an essential item for most WordPress users, especially those who run a photography website. FooBox Pro allows the integration with Fotomoto, an eCommerce widget that enables you to sell photos from your website by adding a Buy option to it. First, you would need to install both the Fotomoto and FooBox Pro plugins. Once you have done so, you can integrate them to work flawlessly. Bear in mind that you will need a Fotomoto account and your online store before you can start selling the images. Also, you still can access the settings of both Fotomoto and FooBox Pro separately and customise them accordingly.

Social Sharing

One of the perfect ways to generate more significant traffic to your website is through the use of social media. Your website visitors will certainly wish to share images that they like on their social media platforms. So, FooBox Pro has a built-in system where the social media icons are attached to each lightbox on your webpage. It enables your images to get shared quickly.

Video Lightbox

There are numerous plugins out there that support images; not many support videos too. Of course, as a webmaster, you might want to add videos to your website. So, FooBox Pro provides essential video support since the plugin already supports the justified image grid, which provides automatic layouts. As a result, visitors can easily watch the video on your website.

Lightbox Gallery

The lightbox is compatible with all WordPress galleries available. Yet, a surprising addition to the list would be the photo gallery WordPress plugin called FooGallery. The FooBox Pro can be purchased with FooGallery Pro Expert and FooBar Pro for a fee starting with $89 per year. Subscribers will get regular software updates and premium support for all the products. The combination of this exceptionally packaged bundle makes it an impeccable asset to web page designing and maintenance. Your website will have wonderful galleries while having all the support needed from the lightbox. The best part is that FooGallery has its own lightbox, which was designed to be a part of it.

Gravity Forms, HTML and iFrame Support

FooBox Pro certainly makes life easier for all webmasters. While the gravity forms serve as a line of communication between the website owner and visitor, it allows the owners to collect information about their visitors through their consent. Moreover, the HTML and iFrame content is supported by FooBox Pro, so your visitors can easily open such links in the lightbox.

The countless lightbox plugins available on the market today make webpage management much more manageable. Yet, if the website owners are looking for a complete package with premium features, they should consider looking into FooBox Pro for their WordPress page.

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