Android Speed Booster

Android Speed Booster

Many people like to keep their Android phone nice and clean externally and internally. Keeping phone internally clean is much harder for many users out there. Because manually cleaning apps, junk files, cache files, bloatware may require some sort of knowledge. When your device starts to push unwanted notifications, run out of storage, and experience lagging. Easiest and convenient way to use clean master application.

There are many cleaning tools available for Android devices. Phone Master is one of them. You can easily install this tool on any Android phone or tab using play store. For Android TV boxes you can use Filelinked. Filelinked comes with awesome Android TV apps. Make sure to find correct Filelinked codes using YouTube.

Feature of Phone Master

Below listed some of the features of this too. Feel free to install this app from play store and experience all the features.

Speed Booster – There may be apps and game that set to auto-start. Those auto start applications run on background using CPU, RAM and storage. Main cause to lose performance is background apps and task. This tool can detect and block all unwanted background process to boost performance.

Junk Cleaner – Junk files are the files that may collected over time. Apps, games, social media apps, cache, system updates and many more causes the collection of junk files. It is merely impossible to delete junk files manually. Because you can’t decide which files are need and which are not by looking at it. So, it is best to let this application to delete those files to get more storage space.

Batter Saver – Batter saver feature can analyze and find apps that drain power while phone not in use. This feature can put those apps to hibernate to stop power draining.

CPU Cooler – Does your device run hot even without using? That is due to heavy background tasks. This feature can stop those unwanted tasks run on background and reduce CPU workload. Less CPU workload mean less CPU heat.

App Locker – This feature may help for those who had to share their phone with wife, husband, children and etc. You can add password lock to apps, photos, messages and etc. If someone takes your phone get call or to take a photo, then can’t access locked content.

There are lot more features included in this application. You can use AC Market or Aptoide to install this tool on devices that does not have play store.