5 Tips for Choosing the Right Salesforce Development and Consulting Partner

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Salesforce Development and Consulting Partner

Salesforce is a CRM solution that connects companies and customer. It is an integrated CRM platform that gives a single, shared view of a customer across all your departments like sales, marketing, commerce and service.

In today’s world, it’s more of a necessity to adopt advanced technology to run key business processes, understand new revenue opportunities, and create personalised experiences for every customer isn’t a luxury to have — it’s the cost of doing business. For any business with countless vendors and solutions vying for market share, moving the system and operation to customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce becomes extremely important.

Whatever phase you are in the Salesforce journey – expanding to the cloud application, legacy integrations, or starting brand-new with a salesforce implementation project– it is very important to choose the right salesforce consulting and development partners.

Choosing the most desirable salesforce partner will help you build cutting edge solutions to drive your business forward. These five tips for evaluating your potential salesforce partners will simplify this process.

Looking for a Salesforce Consulting Partner? Check these tips.

Do a Detailed Research

Be an informed customer. Initially, it is important, you try to read and watch as much as possible: free demo videos on both the Salesforce.com and Salesforce.org sites, forums, blogs, and white papers. It will add to your understanding of Salesforce opportunities and you will get a glimpse of what’s possible. While working with any salesforce partner, you should ensure process transparency: issue tracking, daily & weekly reporting and status calls with updates are an indication of effective and mature business processes.

Salesforce CRM must be correctly introduced & integrated with your business processes. This is where a professional Salesforce CRM Consulting and Implementation Partner can help you.

Salesforce Certification

It’s good to associate with an experienced and certified Salesforce Partner. Salesforce holds a robust certification program that provides credentials for Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Architectures, Consultants, and Marketers. Most of the Salesforce Consulting and Development partners have certified employees working with them. Salesforce Certification is an imperative factor to include when analyzing the best Salesforce partner.

Project Management Methodologies – Understanding the project management methodology of your salesforce consulting partner is all about getting clarity on work convenience, collaboration efficiency, and clearing the road map to get things done on time. Ask for demos on how the system may work, so that your team can understand it better.

During the discussion, stage ask your potential salesforce partner to share their support plans and procedures. Go through the details on the customer problems handling procedure and a dedicated account manager is assigned to analyse the project management process. Usage of agile methodologies and AI-driven solutions offered and support services provided once after the completion of the project have clarity on the next steps.

When both parties have agreed on the scope of the work, it is time to discuss and document how the work will be executed. Responsibilities of the stakeholders, the predicament plan for mitigating uncertainty, tools they use for prototypes, and the SLAs are some of the points that should be considered at the initial stage and not deal with it on the go.

Domain Knowledge

During the initial digital transformation discussion with the prospective Salesforce consulting and development partner check if they can grasp your business language and terminology easily. To get your Salesforce implementation right with adhering to deadlines and best practices, it is important to associate with a partner who has sound knowledge of your industry and domain to handle your specific business requirements efficiently. Check the team is skilled to provide digital transformation services to connect businesses with functions.

Outsourcing Salesforce Development and Implementation to India

In today’s era when remote work and cutting down on costs are becoming the new normal, software development outsourcing is the talk of the town. In the domain of outsourced software development services, India outshines the competition, both in terms of quality and cost of the final deliverables

There is a study that says Scandinavian and Western European countries are turning to Indian Software Development Companies due to the quality and cost of the final deliverables.

Some of the biggest advantages of outsourcing software development and salesforce implementation to India:

Manageable time zone differences – time zone differences between India and Scandinavian & Western European countries is 3-4hrs, India is ahead of Europe by 3hrs 30mins.

Access to Educated and Reliable Professionals with rich Expertise 

rich pool of qualified, dedicated, and out-of-the-box thinkers who are fluent in English and other languages.

Cost Efficiency- Scandinavian & Western European organizations can expect to reduce their IT spend by as much as 30–55%

Focus on core business competencies – Delegate the non-core activities to experienced software developers in India while you focus on core things.


it is important to include everyone who touches the customer journey in the CRM implementation process to be a unified salesforce ecosystem for higher business performance. Getting everyone on board on Salesforce is a challenging task but it isn’t that complicated either with the right Salesforce adoption strategies to ensure maximum employee participation and ROI.

To find the best Salesforce partner to fit your business, you need to follow a well-defined approach. Like any other technology upgrade, a Salesforce consulting and implementation has a learning curve, requiring effort from all levels of the workforce.

Engage with a salesforce partner to understands your goals and objectives, challenges, and current environment and culture, the better they can guide you to resolution in your decisions.