8 Local Seo Do’s & Don’ts To Keep In Mind This 2019

8 Local Seo Do’s & Don’ts To Keep In Mind This 2019

The physical size of your business and your industry matters as much as your online presence.  You can take advantage of Local SEO.

It is not enough that you list your business online, own a website and post what you have to offer. Stay relevant and achieve better results with local seo.

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When it comes to local SEO, there are good and bad practices you need to know. You’d want to make sure to shy away from black hat practices. Go for the best tactics to promote your brand. Take note of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to local search engine optimization.

Collect Tons Of Positive Reviews Online

If you want to win in your field of business, make sure to collect as many good reviews as possible. After a potential client searched the internet to check businesses who offer the goods and services they need, they will want to check the online reviews to make sure they get their money’s worth.

Of course, to get good reviews, you need to make sure you provide the best services, high-quality goods, and excellent customer service. It pays to encourage your clients to post reviews on your webpage, social media profiles, etc.

Don’t Settle On Fake Reviews

Some businesses tend to go for manipulative tactics to gain customers. Don’t write reviews yourself and avoid paying for excellent reviews. By faking your online reviews, you can damage your online reputation. This will or may have a negative effect on your brand.

Invest In SerpSpace Citation Cleanup

A local citation refers to either a partial or complete reference of your NAP on online directories and other websites. It refers to the name of your business, address, and phone number. Citations matter since they can have a direct impact on your customers and search engine ranking. By investing in SerpSpace Citation Cleanup, you can improve your business listings online effectively.

Why SerpSpace Citation Cleanup?

By hiring citation cleanup services, you can be sure that professionals will take care of your local citations. With their skills and expertise on citations, they can find inaccurate, duplicate or outdated business listings, correct the errors and index it for you.

How SerpSpace Citation Cleanup Services Help With Your Google Rank?

Local citation cleanup services are one of the most effective, time-saving and efficient ways to make sure all of your business listings are a 100% match. This way, Google will be able to recognize your effort to correct your listings. With valid and updated data, you can improve your ranking in search engines and business directories.

Avoid Spamming Blogs and Forums

Spamming the comment section in blogs and forums will never be an effective way to gain links. You may be able to comment on tons of blogs and forums, but chances are your comments will be marked as spam especially if you’re posting it on irrelevant posts. You can get your account suspended, or worse, your link will be marked irrelevant and poor quality.

Use A Responsive Web Design For Your Website

We cannot deny that mobile users are the biggest population of internet users. With this in mind, we can already conclude that most people on the internet are using their mobile devices.

By having a mobile-friendly website, your site visitors can easily navigate your page. They can learn about your business and what you have to offer. They can learn how your goods and services can be beneficial to them. Increase enjoyable user experience, better organic results, and more conversions.

Don’t Use Spun Or Low-Quality Contents On Your Website

Before posting anything on your website, make sure that the contents are of high-quality. Also, avoid article spinning. There are those who make use of tools and applications which creates supposedly unique materials by rewriting existing contents. Doing so can lead to plagiarism, unreadable and low-quality contents which don’t sit well with search engine giants like Google.

Say No To Keyword Stuffing

Loading web posts with lots of keywords won’t help improve your site’s ranking. It doesn’t matter your keywords appear out of context, in a group or on a list. Keyword stuffing may have positive effects, but such benefit will only last for a short period.

Search engines now consider such tactic a black hat technique. You can get penalized resulting to a lower ranking, or worse, have your website removed.

Avoid Black Hat Link Building Tactics

Nowadays, there are tons of black hat SEO strategies that promise fast, easy and excellent results. Clocking, injecting hidden links on other websites are some examples of black hat link building tactics. When you do any of these three, search engines can track this and will give you link penalties.

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Don’t Forget About On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO aims to increase organic traffic by ranking high in search engines. This refers to HTML code and content optimization and involves optimizing your meta tags, meta descriptions, title tags, images, internal links, etc. Make sure your website has the correct details and is consistent with your Google listing. Name a specific landmark for better navigation.

Build your Brand With Social Media

It is already a given fact that most people nowadays own at least one social media profile. By putting your business on social media, you get to reach out to your target audience, communicate with them, offer customer support, share contents linking to your website and even sell you goods and services.

Here’s what few tips to help you with social media branding.

  • Know where your audience is and choose the right networks.
  • Develop your voice by knowing your brand’s culture and audience. Make sure it is authentic with your brand.
  • Curate contents, making sure your topics are consistent but are not self-promotional.
  • Know when to post, and do it regularly.
  • Connect with influencers and build relations.
  • Engage with your followers by replying to their messages and comments. Address issues quickly and in private.

Author Bio:

Arnel is a digital marketing guru from Serp Space, he studied backlinks and google rankings through webinars. Arnel believes digital marketing has no boundaries when it comes to advertising and marketing and he has been doing market research for roughly 10 years.